249422_10150192993672452_3181917_nJeremy is a chaplain at a homeless shelter in London, Ontario, Canada.  He has a wife of 15 years and two children: a daughter and son, both of whom are miracle children.  When not engaged in spiritual care at the shelter and not at home with the fam, Jeremy spends his time guiding pheasant hunts at a local release club with his dogs or   hunting wild turkey and deer.  It is not unusual for him to wet a fly line for any of the local species fish in the area either.

Jeremy and his family are active members of a local non-denominational church in London.  Both Jeremy and his wife Katy are small groups leaders and have a heart for the lost and for making disciples.

Jeremy has a keen interest in the scriptures and enjoys any conversation pertaining to theology, philosophy, politics, world events and not last or certainly least: hunting and fishing.  Jeremy started blogging in late 2012 with the primary intent of encouraging others.  His heart has always been to try to understand the original context and how the original hearers of the scriptures would have understood and applied it in their day.  The resulting challenge: How to apply it in the 21st century.

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